We begin our year together with the Visionary retreat.

Imagine having 3 full days of pampering, next level self awareness, growth and relaxation all designed to expand your awareness and grow your big vision business so you can do the work you are here to do and create the life you were meant to live.

Sometimes slowing down and connecting with your inner guidance allows a cascade of miracles and momentum to flow into your life and business.

Business from the inside out.

This high level Mastermind experience is only for conscious leaders who decide to make a even bigger impact outside of the old school models.

Three times a year for 3 full days we will meet in a private luxury location. Together with your high vibe mastermind members you will be immersed in a nurturing luxurious environment, designed to immerse you into capturing the deep awareness your soul holds for you… an awareness that is will not be denied. Our first retreat is in Encinitas, California. A magical experience for aligning with your greatest vision. 

Let me explain…

You are fed fresh scrumptious meals as we dive into an exploration of the core value your essence brings to the world. The true value that you are uniquely here to contribute. And the truth about what needs to happen for you to create the next level version of you.

Your private bedroom

You awaken to the sound of the sea crashing outside your window overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Southern California. You snuggle into a cozy chair or spread out a mat and begin to meditate. You are flooded with insight as you begin capturing your vision in your gorgeous journal with your velvet smooth pen, filling the pages with the brilliance of the  thoughts and messages received from your stillness.

As you emerge from your room a tray of your selection of breakfast items arrives, organic ingredients prepared moments ago, your choice of smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, nuts, and eggs are available to nurture you as you prepare your body for a day of inner awakening and outer expression. 

You begin the day and enjoy the morning with yoga, a walk on the beach, or a run in the sand. 

Upon returning to your room you notice the scent of fresh flowers and linger under the raindrop shower head that awaits you.

A small group gathers in a living area of luxurious comfort with the sea crashing outside the window providing the ultimate inspirational view to connect with your essence.

As you explore your greatest purpose you recognize the highest version of the lessons you are here to experience and the teachings your are here to share. You set intentions that demand that you fully become who you really are.

You spend time in reflection as your self awareness deepens, your heart opens, and your truth gains a confidence that has been waiting for you since the moment you were conceived. 

The core of you is recognized and reflected back to you through the new understanding and you suddenly see the direct correlation between your experience here and the value you bring to the world. Your heart races. The impact you will make, the money you will receive, the life you are moving into have been revealed. 

You allowed it to come out.

You are remembering who you really are.

You see the truth and embrace your greatest potential. Despite of everything you have accomplished thus far, you have never felt more alive, more authentic as you envision everything you have always known, yet never quite grasped. 

You fully realize the power you hold and the truth that lives inside of you. Everything makes sense. Your businesses, former lovers, relationships, careers, failure, success… all there in perfect harmony guiding you to the future. The future you design.

Congratulations you are now aligned and ready to implement the practical application of your spiritual gifts.


We breath life into your newfound awareness. Now that we have your Vision defined, it’s time to determine exactly how you want to express this. 

  • Together we design the plan to multiply your profits and your impact while doing the work you love, with ease. You can feel yourself relax even more as you realize business simply does not need to be as hard as it seemed only a few days ago.
  • We strategize and get clear about your single most important focus and align with the vibration of your greatest opportunities.
  • We create a long term master plan so that each of the steps you focus on is scaling your business and building your asset.
  • You now understand exactly what to do to increase profits right away, sustain profits over the long term and free up your calendar.

You are thrilled to have a mission that resonates with you. You can’t wait to put it into action.

Breathtaking views


After this visionary experience you will have support in implementing what you experienced at the retreat. You will receive one-one private coaching sessions each month as well as weekly high vibe group collaboration calls. You will have everything you need to stay aligned to your next level. We will meet for two additional retreats throughout the year. Each designed to keep your mission growing and your life flowing.

I am committed to your success.

Are you ready to bring your highest level of gifts into the world?

Participation in this intimate, next level soul purpose mastermind is by application only. And space is reserved for those committed to making a huge and lasting impact in the world.

Stunning and spacious luxury home

I’m super picky about who is in this small, intimate group.

If you are serious about applying for you must meet these qualifications:

  • You have been in business for at least 6 months and work on it full time.
  • Your business is viable and you are not looking for someone to save you.
  • You are solution focused and action oriented and prepared to move through any obstacles that appear along the way.
  • You are committed to making this experience a transformational one for yourself and the other members of the group.
  • You have the financial means to invest in this experience and you understand that you are your number one asset.
  • You will show up ready to explore openly and contribute to the group so you can expand the gold in yourself and the other attendees and create real value in the world.

I invite you to fill out an application and we will schedule a call to determine if this is the right fit for you.

Designing this type of luxurious year long experience, complete luxury retreats, a chef to prepare the high-quality food, a masseuse for your spa treatments and the work you will do one-on-one with me to align with your souls vision, develop your strategy and implement your plan is the ultimate in next level alignment. 

This event is not for everyone.

And that is the point. This is an experience that is truly transformational.

You will be with me, and your intimate group of high vibe visionary leaders side by side for 3 full days. Creating the awareness experience of a lifetime, then together for 12 months to create your soul vision.

You will get 100% of my attention on you, your gifts, your purpose, your strategy and your alignment.

You will open up to your ultimate awareness to expand your consciousness and create your vision rapidly and with ease.

All in an environment designed to bring you the insights and open you up to the unlimited prosperity and awareness that you will keep you in the highest vibration of joy and love.

This 3-day experience of nurturing, self awareness, growth and transformation will show you WHO YOU ARE so you will easily manifest millions while creating your legacy.

As we wrap up the retreat and you return home, you are renewed, your heart is open, your soul is singing and you, are simply being you.

This is the ultimate experience in personal growth. It is luxurious, it is nurturing, it is life changing. 

It will bring you the ultimate joy. It will make a profound and lasting impact on you and on those waiting for you. 

This Mastermind is only being offered to a limited number of entrepreneurs. It is the most valuable experience you will ever invest in and your wise investment to participate reflects the meaningful and profound impact you will experience. Because remembering who you are is worth it. 

If you would like to be considered for this ultimate mastermind please fill out this application and we will be in contact to explore the possibility of your participation.